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If, like me, reading the Vivienne Westwood biography recently left you wanting to get your hands on some classic Westwood pieces, then you might be in luck, though you may have to factor in some New York or LA shopping time (or pester friends if you can’t get there in person).

In the Worlds End capsule collection, Opening Ceremony is currently offering a selection of classic Westwood pieces, available exclusively at the international talent magnet’s stores in New York and Los Angeles or online. An homage to the legendary King’s Road boutique and the iconic designs sold there, this collaboration is fitting in more ways than one, echoing as it does those times in the ‘70s and ‘80s when the synergy between London and New York was particularly vital and the two cities bounced off each other’s energy.


Many Westwood designs are instantly recognisable, and this curated collection of iconic “Clothes for Heroes” focuses on items more often seen in specialist archives or seminal style publications: the Savage prints, Three Tongues trainers and Inter-Titty-Tube tops are design classics, recalling a time when to wear such items was to be part of a genuine, knowing sub culture. The DIY ethos of the collection and the fact that the archival fabric was carried over from Westwood’s Gold Label collections, also reflects the legendary designer’s current prominence as a climate change activist and to buy a piece of this limited run, unisex collection is a way of investing in enduringly powerful ideas.

Shop the collection here.