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An Early Winter – Miuccia’s Girl Scouts

The Prada woman has always been straight talking. A survivor, she has never struck me as anything less than dominant, untouched by popular culture and hidden beneath a veil of colour. An exorcism of Miuccia’s playful femininity, Miu Miu’s pre-fall 2015 collection treads lightly but leaves a lasting impression. The Gogo Yubari to Prada’s O-Ren Ishii, the charm lies in the nature of the collection, an underlying current of adventure that shies away from the privilege of it’s big sister, encouraging a caped troupe of girls into the woods to fend for themselves.


Collaborating with the creative team at OMA/AMO, the Paris presentation boasted 1960’s interiors and garments saturated in the designer’s deliberately debatable signature prints. The Palais d’léna, which has been standing since 1937, was an ideal venue to present a collection promoting such a sense of endurance. An ode to accessories: fudge brown scarves sat disciplined around milky necks, providing softness in winter-ready wools. Glossy, leather bags clashed perfectly with knee high plain and printed socks, hair neatly tucked under 1920’s-inspired hats.


Suitable for any terrain, the outerwear came in a selection of shapes: generous lapels sporting traditional British check, boxy silhouettes blurring the lines between youth and adolescence. Footwear showed loyalty to tradition: pronounced toes were buckled against block heels, boots laced to the shins with snakeskin brogues in toffee apple red and peppermint green. And lastly, in case of emergency: lacquered crocodile print raincoats with matching hats provide your best defence against winter’s elements. Though we may be a shower away from the daring cuts of spring, being led into the dark never looked so promising.